An Introduction

“Shadow to Light” is a program designed to dispel America’s Four Collective Shadows:


  • The Shadow of Violence
  • The Shadow of the Other (manifests as racism, sexism, elite-ism)
  • The Shadow of Lack (manifests as poverty, greed and hoarding)
  • The Shadow of Despair (manifests as depression, hopelessness and suicide)


The way to end the Shadows is the engage the collective Light.  Participants will learn how to express and intensify the four corresponding Lights:


  • The Light of Peace & Security
  • The Light of Inclusive Community
  • The Light of True Abundance and Enoughness
  • The Light of Deep Fulfillment


Addressing the challenges of the Shadows means addressing FEAR.  It is fear that keeps the Shadows in place, and fear that must be dispelled if our society is to move forward. 


A Summary:

Click here for a 20 minute video summary of the vision and goals of “Releasing the Shadows; Embracing the Light”.


How to Participate:

Participation in this Winter Solstice Event is FREE.  Please feel free to share with conscious people everywhere.

Set an Intention to Participate: 

This would include putting aside time in your schedule (actually writing it in your calendar/diary will help bring the energy forward).  

Talk with Others: 

Ask people in your religious, social and/or consciousness group(s) will participate with you.  There is AMAZING strength in numbers! 

Join a Catalyst Certification Group

100 Unity churches will be the hosts of training sessions for the Shadow to Light program.  For a list of host churches, click here:


Participate in a S2L Energy Transformation Session

In the Fall of 2017, 100 Unity churches will host “Shadow to Light Energy Transformation Events”.  You do not have to have training to participate.)  For more information on the events, click here:


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