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For Participants in the “Winter Solstice Event”:

The Webinar Video:

For those who were unable to attend the Webinar “live”, here is a 90 minute video:

[The Webinar occurred in the middle of a major snowstorm in Portland, OR.  A delay was necessary because it took some time to arrive at the location and set up equipment.]

The Webinar Slides

For those who viewed the full Webinar and want to go back to specific slides, here is the PowerPoint, in PDF format:

S2L: Webinar Slides.

[It is highly recommended to watch the Webinar video FIRST, before accessing the slides.  Much of the information provided in the video is not incorporated in the slides.]

The Advanced Declarations

Here are the Declarations to use at the beginning and end of the daily energy sessions:

S2L – Advanced Declarations

These are referred to as “Advanced” because, in the full S2L program, participants work through a much longer “basic” set of Intentions and Declarations, to arrive at a full understanding of the power and energy behind each statement.

This is designed in “booklet” form, for those who can print them double-sided.

[NOTE:  These documents are for use in the Winter Solstice Shadow to Light Event.  They remain the property of Commonway Institute.  Any other use of the documents must be approved by Commonway/ Shariff Abdullah.  All rights reserved.]


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