The Basic Concepts



The Shadow to Light Program (S2L) is designed to eliminate and transform negative societal, cultural and spiritual energy, while enhancing positive energies.



500 years of industrial scale slavery, colonization and oppression and “I am separate” thinking has left its mark on the human psyche. The consciousness of oppression and separation has crystallized and exists in the very fabric of our modern society.


It is time for us to heal from that.


While tremendous gains have been made in the fields of civil rights, legislation, economic, social and cultural advancement, etc, we are still plagued by the residual energy of the actions and consciousness of the past 500+ years. We refer to this collective negative energy as “The Shadows”.


It is time for us to dispel that energy.


In the past decades, tremendous gains have been made in the field of personal growth and development.  It is time to use the healing technologies for personal growth and development for the collective healing of our societies.  It is time to shine our collective Light.


The purpose of S2L is to transform our society, by directly shifting the negative energy that creates and contributes to our social, cultural and spiritual problems.



Envision a world no longer plagued by the shadows of racism/ Otherism, poverty, violence and depression.


Envision a world economy no longer feeding on the collective Shadows.


Envision human governance no longer dominated by the Shadows.


Envision the opportunity for true peace and security.



In recent decades, we have learned powerful techniques for personal healing and transforming personal energy. It’s time to apply that learning to the healing of our collective negative energy.


S2L entails a combination of different types of energy work, including affirmative declarations, chanting, meditation, and other transformative techniques.

The S2L 2017 Process

  • Starting Fall 2017 (Pilot/Pioneer)
  • Pioneering Unity churches
  • Partnerships with IONS and others
  • Training and certifying local catalysts (12 week course)
  • Conducting S2L Energy Transformation Sessions (once per week)
  • Major rollout: Fall, 2018
    • Formal relationships with UWM, Noetics, AGNT and others.


S2L Pilot:  3-Step Program…

Step 1:  Training the Catalysts/Facilitators

Step 2:  Energy Transformation Sessions (ETS)

Step 3:  Community-Building Activities (“Commons Café”)


Step 1: Training the Catalysts.

  • At least 12 participants per church.
    • Small churches?
  • Reaching beyond church membership.
  • Trained and certified in S2L techniques.
  • 12 weeks, at 2 hours/week.
  • Start: September, 2017.
  • Content:
    • Training recorded before live participants.
  • Local content

The first stage of S2L program will begin in the fall of 2017, with 100 Unity churches, representing all regions in North America, and several international locations.


Using Commonway’s “Releasing the Shadows; Embracing the Light” program, we will train and certify at least one dozen Catalysts in each participating church. They will act to focus and guide the energy.


Unity members will be encouraged to become catalysts.  However, Unity host churches will be encouraged to reach out beyond their membership into the local communities, for a full and diverse program.


Catalysts will be trained and certified in the Shadow to Light techniques.  The training program is 12 weeks, at two hours per week, plus homework.  Training will start in mid-September.




Week 01:  Introduction and Orientation

Week 02:  The Shadow of Violence

Week 03:  The Light of Peace

Week 04:  The Shadow of the Other

Week 05:  The Light of inclusive Community

Week 06:  The Shadow of Lack

Week 07:  The Light of Abundant Enoughness

Week 08:  The Shadow of Death

Week 09:  The Light of Life

Week 10:  The Shadow of Despair

Week 12:  The Light of Deep Fulfillment


Process:  For each week:

  • Introduction and opening meditation
  • Homework discussion
  • Introduction of theme
  • Visual meditation on theme
  • Energy transformation on theme
  • Conclusion


Costs:  The costs per individual for the training program is $120 ($10/week).  (This is 50% lower than the usual program costs.)  Revenue will be applied to Commonway’s development costs for the S2L program.  Costs can be generated in one of two different ways:


  • “Sponsored”:  A host church may decide to be a “sponsor”: purchase a group license that will cover up to 20 participants.  The church will then register participants under that license.  (This can act as a revenue generation stream for registrations over 12.)
  • “Unsponsored”:  If the host church does not sponsor, individuals will be registered directly by Commonway.   (Unsponsored churches avoid the financial risk of sponsorship, but also avoid the possible financial benefits.)


Step 2: Transforming the “Shadow to Light” Energy.

  • Sundays, before or after regular services.
  • Purpose: Actually shift/transform energy of Shadows and bring in Light.
  • Process: 20-30 minutes:
    • Orientation
    • Visual meditation
    • Energy shift affirmations

The Catalysts will organize community volunteers and conduct energy transformation sessions weekly in each participating church, 15 to 20 minutes before regular services. The purpose will be to actually shift and change the energy of the Shadows and bring forth the Light.


Process: For each week:

  • Orientation on theme
  • Visual meditation on theme
  • Energy transformation on theme
  • Conclusion


Step 3: Building Inclusive Community.

Using the “Common Café” dialogue process, the churches and facilitators will establish dialogue sessions in their communities on fundamental issues. The purpose is to bring people together, past the barriers that separate them, into an inclusive community.



Each church will engage in a dialog with other communities in their local area, to discuss and resolve fundamental issues from the point of view of inclusivity.

S2L Churches provide:

  • Consistent time and location.
  • Logistics
  • Local facilitation, including facilitate local discussion (fr prepared materials).
  • Reach out to local groups

Commonway provides:

  • Certification process
  • Training materials, including:
    • Primary training content
    • ETS content
    • “Homework” for certification
    • Weekly discussion points

Energy will shift when S2L reaches “critical mass” — a significant number of people engaged in a coherent attempt at transforming energy.  S2L will use the Internet:

  1. To organize the catalysts and volunteers who are participating in the energy work;
  2. To link regions and continents;
  3. To share and propagate “best practices” and success stories, to boost the effect of S2L.
Measurement and Evaluation:

S2L will use both objective and subjective measurement criteria to gauge the effectiveness of S2L, and to determine the degrees of success for the program.  S2L will partner with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), HeartMath Institute and others to construct and apply evaluative methodologies.


S2L will be funded through a combination of internally generated funds, crowdfunding, revenue from partners and co-sponsors, and foundation support through grants.

Funding is required for:

  • Materials development
  • Catalyst training
  • Networking
  • Administration and communications



Commonway Institute:


Potential Partners:
  • Association of Global New Thought
  • Unity:
    • Unity World Headquarters
    • Unity Urban Ministerial School
    • Unity Worldwide Ministries
    • Individual Unity Churches
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences:
    • Research:  Provides advice on how to structure the research aspects of S2L
    • Community:  Provides access to local community groups  
  • Fetzer Institute
  • HeartMath Institute


Participating Unity Churches:
  1. TBA


Love is the core energy that rules everything … love is the one ingredient that holds us all together.



The foundational problems of our society exist in ENERGY, and will continue to persist there, until the ENERGY is removed or released.  We call these energy vortices “Shadows”.  No amount of discussion, protest or legislation will lift the Shadows.  However, a small amount of energy, skillfully applied, will transform the energy FOREVER.


We are not facing a “breakdown” of society.  We are facing a BREAK-THROUGH.  The “butterfly” of a transformed, mature, awakened and just society will be born only when the “caterpillar” of our current existence completely dissolves.  That dissolution process is NOT the “End of the World”.

It is the beginning.  It will manifest, when we learn to embrace the Light.


To release the Shadows and embrace the Light, the S2L Fall Energy Transformation Event will give us an opportunity catalyze, harmonize and cohere our collective energies.  A relatively small group of people, working at the level of energy, can move mountains.


Individuals and small groups will meditate and use conscious energy shifting/transformation to release the Four Collective Shadows and embrace the Four Lights.




Working with oppositional energy (for example, Left versus Right; poor versus rich; racial/ethnic polarities…) yields limited results.  Many times, the “success” simply creates a different level of “problem”.  In fact, many ideologies cannot exist without oppositional forces.

Working with inclusive energy (collective Shadow work; catalyzing an inclusive vision) has the potential to yield significant positive results that far outweigh the effort. 

Will poverty or violence disappear as a result of the Winter Solstice Event?  It’s possible… it depends on the number of people and the strength of the energy.  (If it doesn’t, we will have the mechanisms established for another Event on the Spring Equinox.)

Will the Four Shadows be reduced in YOU if you participate?  Most definitely… but ONLY if you participate.  Is it worth investing a few hours per week of your time?  Only you can answer this question.



Releasing the Shadow –

Embracing the Light

Energy Shifting for Deep Societal Healing

Many of us already know how to shift energy.  Many of us talk about “consciousness” and “transformation”.  We know how to work with Reiki, yoga and other healing modalities.
It’s time we applied our energy healing techniques  TO OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY!


The Challenge of Our Time: 

In the past few months, we have seen powerful national examples of what happens when people are gripped by our collective Shadow.  Do you know someone who has been affected by:
Mass shootings in public places?
Depression and/or suicide, now at epidemic levels?
Police killings?
Poverty and homelessness?
Discrimination against people, based on perceived differences?
Our Collective Shadows are not just felt by the perpetrators and victims of these desperate actions.  Through exposure to “infotainment” media, EVERYONE is exposed to the Shadows – and everyone can experience the Joy of the Light.


Healing Our Society:

This is an opportunity to learn a powerful healing modality, one that will transform the nature of our society, from Shadow (poverty, violence, racism/sexism, despair…) to the Light (abundance, peace & security, community, fulfillment).



…as we learn how to use the power of positive, focused consciousness to release the:

Shadow of The Other
Shadow of Lack & Poverty
Shadow of Violence
Shadow of Despair


…we will energize and embrace our:

Light of Deep Connection
Light of Abundance & Enoughness
Light of Peace & Security
Light of Deep Fulfillment

Through this program we will address, uproot and shift the energy that supports & perpetuates racism, sexism, poverty, violence, suicide and other forms of the Shadow, as well as identify & clear the blockages that have held us back, personally and as a human family.


Join an Emerging Community of Change Agents
In “Shadow-to- Light”, people have the experience of bonding with others, working together to clear away the blockages that hold us back, personally and in our society.

The Shadow to Light Process: 

Moving energy – not bogging down in problems or symptoms.
Clearing ourselves, our community and our relations with The Other.
1. Affirmations to clear ourselves and build up our energy.
2. A short presentation on the history and effects of the Shadow.
3. A visual meditation and chanting to deepen our energy.
4. Group energy work and declarations to transmute the Shadow energy.
5. Repeat the process to bring forward the Light.
[In addition to the above, there will be an optional discussion/chat time, for participants to discuss aspects brought up by the sessions.]