Certification or Regular?

There are two ways to participate in the “Shadow to Light” process: As a regular participant or as a Certification candidate.

Regular participants receive the 12 week program.  Certification candidates receive more: an additional 2-4 hours per week of training materials and writing assignments.

Certification candidates receive additional information, in-depth, information and behind-the scenes knowledge on how S2L works.

Certification candidates are assessed on their completion of assignments, their participation in exercises, their written responses and the assessment of their fellow participants.

Certified participants are eligible to convene and conduct their own S2L groups in 2018.  S2L 2018 is poised to EXPLODE, and there will be a demand for people who can facilitate groups.

There will be fee-sharing with the certified facilitators, which may act as an additional incentive.  However, the primary incentive for being a certified facilitator is to move forward the shift in energy to “a world for all”.



Group Participation (Regular)

Individual (Online/Limited)





Participate in 12 week program; 2 hours per week Yes Yes Yes (online and delayed one day)
Participate in group work Yes Yes No
Participate in optional discussion groups Yes (optional) Yes (optional) No
Participate in local “Energy Transformation Sessions” (ETS) Yes (required) Yes (optional) Yes (if available in the local area)
Facilitate the local “Energy Transformation Sessions” (ETS) Yes (required) No No
Additional “homework” required Yes (Up to 4 hours per week of add’l video, reading and writing.) No No
Receive certification for participation Yes No No
Co-Facilitate S2L 2018; share revenue Yes No No