Group Sizes


It is up to each site to determine whether or not its S2L group is “viable.”

Based on our experiences over the years, a “viable” group has 12 or more active participants.

TOO SMALL?  Fewer than 12 participants creates logistical problems, and may not have the “energy” to make an impact on the individuals within the group.

However, it is recognized that there are several smaller sites and study groups participating in the S2L pilot.  Some are in relatively remote areas, where traveling to the location may be difficult.

IDEAL:  In our experience, a group of 15-20 participants is optimal.

Churches, organizations and study groups in a given geographic area may decide to combine their groups, in order to make a group viable or optimal, or for convenience of the participants.

TOO LARGE?  In our experience, a S2L group can become “too large”.  Check-ins become too long, not everyone gets to be heard, There are difficulties seeing the screen during the “visual meditation”, etc.

There have been successful S2L groups with 35 participants and more.  However, if a group is larger than 25, participants may decide to split into two viable groups.