How Your Church/Center Will Benefit from “Shadow to Light”…

S2L: How Your Church Benefits

This website contains significant information about how our planet, our society and the participants all will benefit from signing up for S2L.  And, there are additional benefits to your church from participating in this pilot:

  1. Your church/center will be seen as a responsible member of your larger community.
  2. Your church/center will be seen as a center for spiritually committed, inclusive social activism:  “Spirit in Action”.
  3. Your church/center will draw in people from your local community to participate, becoming better known in your geographic area as a leader in positive, inclusive social change.
  4. You will be seen as a social change leader and Visionary.
  5.  Your church/center will share in the revenue generated from the S2L program.
  6. Your church/center will be fully prepared for the Full Rollout of S2L!

There are other benefits as well.  Register for S2L and discover them all!