Online Participants


We strongly recommend that, where possible, you participate in S2L with one of the pilot sites (see map).  However, we know that there are many people who want to participate, who live too far from one of the pilot gatherings, can’t meet at the chosen day and time, or are otherwise prevented from participating with a group.

To meet the need, we are making the S2L 12-week program available online.  You will be able to participate in the program from your own location, in your own time, with your own equipment.


If you are registered, you will be able to receive the weekly program videos, the day after they are available to the pilot sites.  You will not be able to respond to the group discussions, receive the “homework” assignments, have your responses evaluated, or become a certified S2L facilitator.  (If sufficient interest, we may set up an online “forum” for participants to connect with each other.)

In order to determine if online participation is for you, please answer this brief SURVEY.  (It should take less than two minutes of your time.)

The individual online cost of S2L is $120.00.  

To register for online participation, please click here: