Questions, Comments, Answers and Issues

This page is reserved for questions and comments that are relevant to S2L:

Rev Darlene Strickland said:

We’re still interested in opening this to our entire congregation and greater community.  Not for them to become certified… but to participate for 12 weeks by having the information shared with them as appropriate (by those that are participating to become certified).  Can you offer feedback or suggestions at this point?

I also plan to use this for a Sunday series of talks.

Regarding your desire to expand S2L into your congregation.  We’ve discussed that, and came up with a few modifications that address your suggestions:

— People can sign up for either “certification” or as a “participant”.  Participants are not certified, and pay a lower amount for the program. (Certification includes a lot more “homework”.)  So, you can sign up as many groups of 20 or so as your church can hold!  (And, you can enlist other churches in your area to host S2L, also.  Looks like we will have 3 or 4 churches in the Greater Portland area participating.)

— ANYONE can come to the Sunday “Energy Transformation Sessions” (ETS).  The more… the more powerful!  A combination of people signed up for S2L and people who are not will be excellent.  And, this can be a way to appeal to non-Unity folks.

— We are working out the details of an optional “Discussion Group” or “Study Group”.  This could meet at any time of your choosing, and as frequently as you’d like.  (The purpose of the discussion group would be to add some flexibility to S2L.)  I like your idea of having the S2L certification-trainees act as facilitators in the discussion groups.  

I hope this addresses your issues.  Perhaps not as much involvement as you’d like, but definitely more than when we first started out!  And: this is our PILOT effort… we may revisit all this in our major roll-out next year!

Rev Eileen Patra asked:

When you say the times for the Tuesday night training sessions will be consistently 7-9 pm does that mean it starts at 7 pm whether you are in eastern, central, mountain or pacific time?

Yes a consistent start time, regardless of time zone.  You will know that all the participants in your time zone are doing the same activities at the same time.

Is there a specific time for the Sunday meditation sessions?

Not quite yet.  We’re aiming for 12:30pm, but I want to get input from those who are committed to S2L.

What will someone who is certified be able to do with this certification? what is the incentive for being certified?

We’re still working on this.  The principal value is that certified facilitators will be able to OFFER S2L to others in 2018 and beyond.  I really hope and pray that S2L 2018 will EXPLODE, and there will be a demand for people who can facilitate groups.  (There will be some fee-sharing with the certified facilitators, which can act as an additional incentive.) 

Rev Darlene Strickland said:

Will you provide an example of what one of the weekly training sessions would be like? This will be helpful in explaining the process and recruiting the certification candidates.

I’ll try to put that up today!