A few weeks ago, I sent out an email stating that the revenue for late-coming sites would be less than the 50-50 split that I had earlier announced.  I was hoping that the change would encourage some of the uncommitted sites to get on board.

It didn’t work.  Now, it seems like the change in revenue may be keeping potentially participating sites away.  And, having two tiers of revenue sharing may cause unnecessary friction between sites.

Therefore, please ignore the change in revenue.  THE REVENUE-SHARING REMAINS 50-50 FOR ALL SITES, including latecomers.

3 Replies to “REVENUE SHARING…”

  1. We’ve decided to offer scholarships up to 50% for those who request it. We are encouraging participants to recognize the value of the program and the expenses involved for both Commonway and for our ministry to facilitate a 12-week program. That being said, we are offering the scholarships for those who would be otherwise unable to participate.

  2. This is fine.

    My only refinement: let participants know that the actual/regular cost of the program is $180 (or $240), and that the church is providing a substantial discount.

    The reason: participants from different sites may talk to each other, and may get confused regarding why the prices are so different. (Like trying to figure out how much an airplane seat really costs.)

  3. We are marketing the program at $90 per participant, taking nothing for the church. Our purpose is to make this opportunity as accessible as possible. We are alerting all that for certification the cost is $150.

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