From Shadow to Light — The Background…

Releasing the Shadow –

Embracing the Light

Energy Shifting for Deep Societal Healing

Many of us already know how to shift energy.  Many of us talk about “consciousness” and “transformation”.  We know how to work with Reiki, yoga and other healing modalities.
It’s time we applied our energy healing techniques  TO OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY!

The Challenge of Our Time: 

IN RECENT YEARS, we have seen powerful national examples of what happens when people are gripped by our collective Shadow.  Do you know someone who has been affected by:
Mass shootings in public places?
Depression and/or suicide, now at epidemic levels?
Police killings?
Poverty and homelessness?
Discrimination against people, based on perceived differences?
Our Collective Shadows are not just felt by the perpetrators and victims of these desperate actions.  Through exposure to “infotainment” media, EVERYONE is exposed to the Shadows – and everyone can experience the Joy of the Light.


Healing Our Society:

This is an opportunity to learn a powerful healing modality, one that will transform the nature of our society, from Shadow (poverty, violence, racism/sexism, despair…) to the Light (abundance, peace & security, community, fulfillment).



…as we learn how to use the power of positive, focused consciousness to release the:

Shadow of The Other
Shadow of Lack & Poverty
Shadow of Violence
Shadow of Despair


…we will energize and embrace our:

Light of Deep Connection
Light of Abundance & Enoughness
Light of Peace & Security
Light of Deep Fulfillment

Through this program we will address, uproot and shift the energy that supports & perpetuates racism, sexism, poverty, violence, suicide and other forms of the Shadow, as well as identify & clear the blockages that have held us back, personally and as a human family.


Join an Emerging Community of Change Agents
In “Shadow-to- Light”, people have the experience of bonding with others, working together to clear away the blockages that hold us back, personally and in our society.

The Shadow to Light Process: 

Moving energy – not bogging down in problems or symptoms.
Clearing ourselves, our community and our relations with The Other.
1. Affirmations to clear ourselves and build up our energy.
2. A short presentation on the history and effects of the Shadow.
3. A visual meditation and chanting to deepen our energy.
4. Group energy work and declarations to transmute the Shadow energy.
5. Repeat the process to bring forward the Light.
[In addition to the above, there will be an optional discussion/chat time, for participants to discuss aspects brought up by the sessions.]


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