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Releasing the Shadow –

Embracing the Light


A Program for Deep Healing, Transformation & Peace

A Twelve-Week Series of Learning, Meditation and Action


“You cannot fight a Shadow… you can, however, turn on the Light.”

Shariff Abdullah    .


Shining the Light in an Age of Polarization

In the past few months, we have seen powerful national examples of what happens when people are gripped by their Shadow.  Do you know someone who has been affected by:

  • Mass shootings in public places?
  • Depression and/or suicide, now at epidemic levels?
  • Poverty and homelessness?

The pain of the Shadow is not just felt by the perpetrators and victims of these desperate actions.  In this society, EVERYONE is exposed to the Four Shadows – and everyone can experience the Joy of the Light.


What is the SHADOW?
1. The Shadow is what we fear.

2.  The Shadow is fear itself.

3.  The Shadow is what holds us back.


What is the LIGHT?
1.    The Light is the energy of the Divine within you.
2.    The Light is your highest good.
3.    The Light is what moves you forward.
4.    The Light is your greatness.

Taking Action:

  • It is time for us to change – ourselves and our society.  
  • It is time to move out of the Shadows and into the Light.
  • It is time for us to stop addressing the “manifesting symptoms”. 
  • It is time to stop proposing quick fixes.  
  • It is time to change the essential energy that keeps the Shadows locked in place.

Let’s get serious about ending these situations, not just lament them.


The Program:
Starting in September, 2017, the “S2L” Program consists of four themes (plus a bonus fifth theme), over twelve consecutive weeks, two hours per week.

The Four Shadows:
Theme 1:
Instead of being gripped by 
The Shadow of the ‘Other’ 
which manifests itself as 
Racism, Sexism, Intolerance & Isolation
We can embrace 
The Light of Deep Community
Theme 2: 
Instead of being gripped by  
The Shadow of Lack
which manifests itself as 
Poverty, Greed & Hoarding
We can embrace 
The Light of Abundant Enoughness
Theme 3: 
Instead of being gripped by  
The Shadow of Violence
which manifests itself as 
Insecurity, Fear & Peril
We can embrace 
The Light of Peace & Security
Theme 4: 
Instead of being gripped by  
The Shadow of Despair
which manifests itself as 
Anger, Depression, Drug Abuse and Suicide
We can embrace 
The Light of Fulfillment & Deep Healing


From Shadow to Light: A Seven-Step Process:

The 12 week program includes:

  • Thematic presentations (live and video)
  • Participation in interactive exercises and discussions
  • Participation in Energy Transformation Sessions (ETS)
  • Summaries of all sessions
  • Access to archives (audio and video)

Registration is NOW OPEN for the full 12-week program!

Register through your local church (participating Unity church or Center for Spiritual Living). Go to  for a list of participating pilot sites.   


Not near a church?  You can still participate as an individual. 

Program Registration (Individual)


Find Out More!

Click here for a 20 minute video summary of the vision and goals of “Releasing the Shadows; Embracing the Light”.


Please watch Shariff Abdullah as Guest Speaker at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, recorded 20 January 2013, as he speaks on “Removing the Shadow – Embracing the Light.” 

(Click here for a PDF version of this flyer: S2L 2017 – Flyer 01 (pdf))