S2L: Basic Information


The foundational problems of our society exist in ENERGY, and will continue to persist there, until the ENERGY is removed or released.  We call these energy vortices “Shadows”.  No amount of discussion, protest or legislation will lift the Shadows.  However, a small amount of energy, skillfully applied, will transform the energy FOREVER.


We are not facing a “breakdown” of society.  We are facing a BREAK-THROUGH.  The “butterfly” of a transformed, mature, awakened and just society will be born only when the “caterpillar” of our current existence completely dissolves.  That dissolution process is NOT the “End of the World”.

It is the beginning.  It will manifest, when we learn to embrace the Light.


To release the Shadows and embrace the Light, “Releasing the Shadows; Embracing the Light” gives us an opportunity catalyze, harmonize and cohere our collective energies.  A relatively small group of people, working at the level of energy, can and will move mountains.


Individuals and small groups will meditate and use conscious energy shifting/transformation to release the Four Collective Shadows and embrace the Four Lights.




Creating and maintaining oppositional energy (for example, Left versus Right; poor versus rich; racial/ethnic polarities…) yields limited results.  Many times, any “success” simply creates a different level of “problem”.  In fact, many ideologies cannot exist without conflict.

Working with inclusive energy (collective Shadow work; catalyzing an inclusive vision) has the potential to yield significant positive results that far outweigh the effort. 

Will poverty or violence disappear as a result of “Shadow to Light?  It’s possible… it depends on the number of people and the strength of the energy.  

Will the Four Shadows be reduced in YOU if you participate?  Most definitely… but ONLY if you participate.  Is it worth investing a few hours per week of your time?  Only you can answer this question.