S2L Schedule Changes…


The most important tweak to S2L is the starting date.  Now, the “official” start date is TUESDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER, 2017.  (See revised schedule

As you can see from the schedule, this isn’t a very big change.  I had planned two identical “Orientation” sessions, 29 August and 5 September. This eliminates one of them.

In our past experience, participants would attend Orientation #1, get excited and tell their friends, who then would want to join, and would need Orientation #2 to get them on board.

We are cancelling the first “Orientation”, to give us more time for marketing and recruiting.

Are you already committed to doing two Orientations?  Not to worry… If it’s already on your calendar, I would suggest that you keep the 29 August Orientation as a LOCAL S2L “Orientation”.  You could show my 20 minute S2L video, then have a time where participants can meet and network with each other, ask questions and otherwise prepare for the “full” Orientation a week later.

If you have a need to re-show the 5 September “official” Orientation, you will have access to the recording for at least one week, perhaps longer.

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  1. Yes, that’s a possibility. I want to avoid having so many videos available, people get confused as to which week is which. But, we can find ways to make it simple…

  2. If possible, please have the sessions available for more than a week. Even with that, making up 2 sessions will be challenging, prior to the 3rd session on the 19. I will be out of the country from August 31 until August 15. Gratefully, Dana

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