The Vision

OUR VISION:  A nation and world able to reach its highest potentials, because it has been freed from the collective Shadows of centuries.

OUR GOAL:  To coordinate our collective Will, to dispel the Shadows and embrace the Light.  To launch a program that becomes a movement.  To utilize our collective spiritual energy to address societal challenges.

OUR STRATEGY:  To launch a nationwide/global pilot S2L program, to test the feasibility of coordinated energy-transformation programs in multiple locations.

OUR TACTICS:  Select between 20 to 60 sites for S2L program, training and “energy transformation” work.  Sites will host and facilitate S2L, in coordination with each other.  Sites will also collect information and determine the effectiveness of the work.

OUR NEXT STEPS:  This website will be the place for the most complete and up-to-date information on S2L:  Visit often!