Tithing is a time-honored tradition.  Tithing is a spiritual recognition of the Source of all resources.

All tithing is voluntary.  Anything else is “taxation”.

In recognition of the Source, Commonway commits to tithing a portion of the resources generated by S2L.  Tithing recipients will include:

  • Commonway will tithe to Unity HQ (10%)

  • Commonway will tithe to a “S2L Contingency Fund” (10%)

    Commonway also encourages all of the S2L gatherings to tithe also.  Each of the sites tithing 10% to the “S2L Contingency Fund” will enable our S2L 2018 full roll-out to run smoothly!

(S2L Contingency Fund to be used at the discretion of CWI and S2L Advisors.)